All business communications - voice, video, chat & SMS - through a compliant, integrated cloud software solution.

Use what you need today and future proof what you need tomorrow; from Cloud Telephony to omni-channel Cloud Contact Centre. Access from all devices, everywhere. Enjoy smarter, compliant, lower cost business communications.

Cloud Business Communication Service

Provides a full digital communication solution covering voice, video, chat & SMS delivered through our Solgari Communicator software phone. Includes all Cloud Telephony capability such as advanced call forwarding and transfers, auto attendant, call recording, call re-direction, click to call, customer greetings, follow me, hunt groups, virtual personal assistant and more. Presence and IM capability available to all internal users. Enterprise standard call conferencing including scheduled and ad hoc meetings.

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Solgari Connect & Web Meeting Service

Access all WebRTC collaboration services including Web Meeting and Solgari Connect. No hardware or software required, simply click the button to make calls or start a meeting over your browser. Solgari offers a range of cloud collaboration WebRTC functionality including high quality video conferencing, desktop & document sharing as well as allowing customers use this capability straight off the company website. All meetings and customer interactions can be recorded for training and compliance needs.

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Cloud Contact Centre Service

Provides a full digital communication solution covering voice, video, chat & SMS through Solgari Communicator which also integrates seamlessly with Core IT such as CRM systems. Inbound and outbound cloud contact centre solutions providing an unprecedented level of flexibility, intelligence and cost saving. Features include Automatic Call Distribution, Interactive Voice Response, Skill-based Routing, Proficiency Weighting, Inbound/Outbound Contact Blending, Multi-Channel Capability, Call Logging, Ringback, CRM Integration, Real Time Monitoring and Analytics. Visit the Cloud Contact Centre page to find out more.

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Solgari Link - Integration with IT systems (CRM, ERP, email, social)

Solgari Link is a cloud based, agile API that enables instant integration with every IT system that has a published API. Solgari Link is already working with mainstream and industry vertical CRM vendors such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, Sage CRM and Bullhorn. This is not a traditional CTI solution, rather a modern browser based solution that provides significant advantages around customer identification and agent reaction speed.

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Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365

In response to demand from Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners and users, Solgari has developed a powerful integration with Dynamics CRM. This compliant, omni-channel solution is being used by sales and support teams globally to power customer communications. Solgari's solution integrated with Dynamics CRM covers all the digital communication channels, provides all the contact centre functionality, addresses all GDPR, MIFID II, HIPAA and other compliance requirements while providing unlimited reporting capability.

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PCI DSS Compliant Cloud Call Recording & Archiving Service

This compliance service is available down to the user's extension and records and archives all customer communications including calls, video, chat & SMS for unlimited retention periods. The customer recordings are held in a PCI DSS compliant environment that is encrypted with 1024 bit military grade encryption at rest and in transit. These cloud call archiving solutions offer highly sophisticated, fast search capability for audit purposes: date, time, customer, agent and transaction. In addition, it is possible to word and phrase search within the call and video recordings for specific requirements around eDiscovery, Dispute Resolution and Surveillance. It addresses all GDPR, MiFID II and other regulation requirements around the retention of customer data. The service is available as an add on to the Cloud Business Communication & Contact Centre services.

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Predictive Dialling Service

Automates your agents dialling process, detects connected calls, busy signals or answering machines, and determines agent availability based on talk time, skills and many other parameters. Our Predictive Dialler is geographically independent, enabling services to be shared across various locations. The service is an add on to our Cloud Contact Centre service.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) & Voice Biometric Services

We have thousands of generic and bespoke Cloud IVR solutions covering PCI DSS compliant payments, marketing surveys, opinion polls, customer care & identification, multi-lingual and more. Our voice biometric solutions include voice verification which is used in Government, FinTech and Financial Services to identify customers with 100% accuracy. These services are available as an add on to the Cloud Business Communication & Contact Centre services.

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SMS & MMS Service

This service is available as part of Solgari Communicator, our software phone. You can simply add this to each user's extension allowing your sales agents reach and respond to customers over SMS. It includes a delivery receipt for transaction confirmation and can be embedded within CRM. It also has Flash Messaging capability protecting privacy through message deletion once read.

Integrated global Telco & SIP Trunking provider

Solgari is not just a Cloud Business Communications software provider. We are also the telco & SIP Trunking provider and as a Comreg licenced carrier, we provide a global, tier one carrier grade VoIP service. Our cloud software platform is hosted in Verizon data centres and we use the Verizon backbone and global PoP network to carry our voice and messaging traffic globally. Our ability to provide a fully integrated communications solution allows our customers access all the software applications they require, while also using a single telco solution for all global numbering and carrier requirements. Because our business is based on software, we pass on platinum international wholesale call costs to our customers making our call charges exceptionally low while retaining tier 1 quality. And of course extension to extension calls are 'on net' and free regardless where the users are.

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