Solgari Connect Help

Please see below instructions and tips for using the Solgari Connect.

  • What is Solgari Connect

    This is a Web Real Time Communication (‘WebRTC’) service that allows you to simply make an audio or video call straight over your browser at no cost and without needing a phone of any description.


    Solgari Connect is usually found on our customer’s website allowing the visitor to reach the company’s support or sale team quickly and with no cost.


    The button could point at a specific person’s phone extension or a phone queue with, for example, all the sales team extensions in it. Solgari Connect is also found in the email signatures of our customers allowing them to again be easily reached. In fact, it could be anywhere online.

  • How to Make a Call Using Solgari Connect

    For best experience, the Chrome browser should be used with Solgari Connect.


    When a Solgari Connect link is clicked on a website or email signature, the below page opens on a new tab on the browser used.


    Once on the page, a call can be started by clicking on ‘Call Now’. When the button is clicked, the extension the link is assigned against, will ring. For example the link can be connected to a personal Solgari extension or to a queue extension which moves the call to a contact centre.


    The Key Pad can be used if an extension needs to be chosen or a selection is required.


    Call can be finished anytime by clicking on ‘Hang Up’.

  • Receiving a Solgari Connect Call
    Solgari Connect calls can be answered on any
    available end point for a Solgari extension
    i.e. softphone on computer/smart phone or on
    a desk phone.

    The incoming call will be shown as WebRTC.
    The call can be answered and handled just like
    any other incoming call.

    After a Solgari Connect call has been answered,
    the receiver can start a chat or switch to video
    by clicking on the two highlighted buttons.
  • Using Video and Chat

    Using Chat

    Instead of clicking on ‘Call Now’, you can alternatively start a ‘Chat’ across the browser with whoever or whichever team is assigned to the Solgari Connect link. This can be turned into an audio or video call once you and the recipient both agree to it.


    Video calls

    Finally, you can also start a Video Call by clicking ‘Video’ on Solgari Connect. The recipient needs to agree to a video call and alternatively could start an audio call.




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