Softphone Help

Please see below instructions for the Windows version of the softphone

  • Making a Call
    Go to the Dial pad screen, icon highlighted on the bottom
    of the softphone, dial the number and click on ‘Call’.
    Please note! If using the softphone on a computer on CTI
    mode, the call will be made on your desk phone instead of
    the computer. If a desk phone is not used, make sure to have
    the softphone always on 3CXphone mode.
  • Transferring Calls

    The softphone allows you to easily transfer calls to other users or external numbers using either [Transfer] or [Attended Transfer]. With a Transfer, the call is transferred to the new party without an introduction. With the Attended Transfer, the call can be introduced before transferring.


    To transfer an ongoing call, click on the preferred
    transfer option and dial in the number the call should
    be transferred to. With the attended transfer, the
    caller is put on hold while the second call is made on Line 2.
    Call can also be transferred using the Switchboard,
    which can be accessed by clicking on the icon
    In the extended presence, first make sure you are in the correct view [Receptionist] from the top left corner.
    In this view, depending on the rights given for your
    extension, you can see ongoing calls and can also transfer

    • by drag & drop, simply drag the call on top of the
      persons name who you want to transfer the call to
    • right clicking on the call, choose transfer from the
      options given and follow the instructions



  • How to Check Voicemail

    Voicemails can be handled in different ways with the Solgari system. If your voicemails are stored in the cloud, they can be retrieved through the softphone, voicemails might also be emailed to you as attachments. The following applies for users whose voicemails are saved in the cloud.


    If there are unheard voicemails, the voicemail icon, highlighted below, will turn blue on softphone dial screen.


    To check your voice mails click the [Voicemails] icon
    highlighted or the icon on the bottom of the softphone,
    highlighted below.
    From the Voicemail view, the messages can be managed
    by clicking on them.

    Play – downloads the voice mail as a .WAV file
    Play on Phone – you’ll receive a call from the system,
    once you pickup, the voicemail will be played.


    Checking voicemail from any company phone, i.e. not your own extension:

    1. Call the number 666 or 6666 (depending on if 3 or 4 digit extensions are used)
    2. Press #
    3. You will be asked to enter your extension number
    4. Type your PIN and then press #
    5. Follow the voice prompts to check your voicemails

    If the PIN number is entered three times incorrectly, the voicemail will lock down for five minutes.

  • Create and Manage Voicemail Greetings

    With the Solgari system you can record different voicemail greetings for different scenarios. For example, one voicemail greeting for when the extension is busy and another for out-of-office situations.


    To access the options, click on the [Voicemail] icon on
    the bottom of the softphone and then on the
    [Set Voicemail Greetings].
    voicemail greeting
    From here you can record and set new greetings for different
    To record a new message;

    1. Click the [Record Greeting] button, highlighted
      below. Your extension will receive a call from the
      system and a new greeting can be recorded by following
      the instructions given
    2. You can choose which greeting should be used with
      which status, all recorded greetings are available on
      the drop down menu
  • How to Change Call Forward Settings
    Call forwarding settings for an individual extension can
    be amended from the softphone using the Presence/Status
    settings.The Presence feature allows you to inform internal
    users about your current status and controls how calls
    to your extension are handled when you can’t answer.
    For example, when in a meeting, the status can be set
    to Do Not Disturb and all calls will automatically divert
    to another extension, to voicemail etc.How calls are handled can be amended by clicking on
    the small arrow on the right of each status on the
    Dial Pad screen, or through
    Settings -> Call Forwarding, icons highlighted.
    All the different statuses have their own call forward settings
    and they can be amended to suit how you want the extension
    to behave.In the options for [Available] you can amend how the
    extension behaves when;

    • Call is not answered within x seconds
    • You are on a call
    • Your extension doesn’t have any available end points


    Please note!

    • These settings are only applied to calls directly to your own extension, as opposed to calls that land in a ring group or a queue that you are a member of.
    • If you choose to forward calls to an external number when busy, there is a [Rebound] option which means that, the receiver of the call will be notified of it, and will be given the option to take the call or to direct it to voicemail.
    • If calls are routed to another extension, you can choose to route them directly to the extensions voicemail box by ticking the [Voicemail] box
    • Under the options for status “Available”, you can choose to [Accept multiple calls] which means that while you are in a call, new calls will go to lines 2, 3, 4 etc. and you can switch between.
    • For the [Also Ring My mobile] option to work, your mobile number needs to be attached to your extension. Contact the Solgari Support Team if a number should be added.
  • How to Create a Scheduled Conference Call


    Creating scheduled conference calls with Solgari
    can be done through the softphone.The functionality is accessed by clicking on the
    [Conference] icon and [Scheduled Conference]
    Fill in the fields and conference time as needed.


    The [Conference Name] and [Description]
    will be included on the invite sent to all participants.
    The number external parties need to dial to join
    needs to be added to [Conference DID number] field.


    Please note! The phone number is not needed if
    the email template used by your company includes
    the conference call numbers.

    Next the meeting participants need to be added in,
    first select the internal participants to your conference
    by checking the boxes next to their names.Click [Next] to add email addresses for external
    participants.If you have no external participants click [Schedule Now].All participants will receive an email invite to the conference,
    PIN needed to access the conference will be included.Scheduled meetings can be amended by clicking on
    [View Conferences] on the Conference tab.


  • How to Elevate a Call to a Conference / Creating Ad-Hoc meetings


    A normal call can be elevated to a conference call very easily.
    With the softphone there is no need to hang up the call in
    order to create a conference call.While in a call click the [Conference] button
    Add more people to the call by clicking on the Pen icon. conferenceadd
    Choose internal people form the list or click on the
    [Add Number] to add in external participants.
    Once you are done, click on [Start Conference]
    and the internal and external participants will
    receive a call from the conference place.Once they answer, they’ll be added to the conference call.
  • How to Access and Use Chat


    The softphone includes a chat functionality that can
    be use to chat with colleagues who also have a
    Solgari extension. Service can be accessed by clicking
    on the icon highlighted.
    On the Chat screen, using the bottom three highlighted
    icons you can;

    1. Change the settings how the chat behaves
    2. Start new chats with one more people
    3. Delete existing chats


    TIP! Under the settings you can change if the chat
    pops up on incoming message or change/disable
    the notification sound.



  • Contact Centre - How to Log In and Out of Queues
    Agents can log themselves in and out of queues
    in a few different ways.Pressing the ‘Q’ button on the softphone dial
    pad screen, white means logged in and grey
    logged out.
    If the agent is a member of several queues –
    the agent can be logged in or out of specific queues
    through the switchboard.

    Press on the Switchboard icon, highlighted

    Go to ‘Q-Manager’ view and click on the relevant queue.
    Right click on top of the agent name and choose ‘Logout/in from queue’


  • Contact Centre - Queue Manager Functionalities
    Users with queue manager rights are able to see and
    manage on going calls through the Q-Manager view.
    Q-Manager view can be accessed through the softphone
    by clicking on the highlighted icon.


    Depending on the rights given for your extension, you can see which agents are logged in for each queue, along with their status and statistics such as calls answered, last log in/out and total talk time. Queue managers will be able to log agents in and out of the queue by right clicking on the agent.


    You can also see overall statistics for all your queues such as calls in waiting, serviced or abandoned, longest and average waiting time, and average talking.


    When you have an incoming queue call you will see the call in the active calls list. Once the call has been answered, you can drag and drop the call to transfer the call or right click on it to:

    • Barge in to the call
    • Listen to the call
    • Whisper to the agent (caller will not hear this)
    • Transfer the call to another extension
    • Conference
    • Drop it
    • Record it for later use

  • Contact Centre - Wallboard


    Wallboard provides an overview of daily statistics
    for queues. Example screenshot below.Wallboard can be accessed through the Switchboard,
    icon highlighted.
    Once you have the Switchboard open, you can access
    the Wallboard by choosing it from the View drop down
    menu on the top left corner.
    On the wallboard you can choose which queues statistics
    should be shown – you can only choose between queues
    you are either a member or manager of.
    To change between queues, click on the settings icon next
    to the drop down menu, icon highlighted.
    From the Wallboard settings window you can choose which
    queues details are shown under the ‘Select Queues’ section.
    Statistics for several queues can be shown at the same time,
    in this case the information will be combined.The text shown on the blue background can be changed
    through the ‘Enter custom message’ and ‘Optional message’
    fields. The optional message will be shown in smaller font
    underneath the custom message, example below.

  • Softphone Download link for v12

    See below the different installation file links for the softphone depending on device used.

    3CX v12 softphone for mobile is unfortunately not available anymore. If you require the softphone app on your mobile – please contact Solgari Support.


    Windows Download
    Apple MAC Download



    Users with MacOS Sierra, please use the below download link.

  • Softphone Download link for v14

    See below softphone download links for different installation files depending on the device used.

    Windows Download
    Apple MAC Download


    Users with MacOS Sierra, please use the below download link.

  • Softphone Download link for MacOS Sierra

    Please ensure you’re on the latest version of Sierra before installing the softphone.

    Apple MacOS Sierra users ONLY      Download


  • Support Requests

    If you can’t find the answer you are looking for here, or would like to log a ticket with Solgari Support Team, please go to our Zendesk Support Site.

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