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Digital brand marketing

Solution required:
Global Cloud Contact Centre, Cloud Telephony & Citrix Desktop Integration

Driving business performance. Costs reduced by a massive 78%.

Strengthened L-EV8’s growth capabilities while cutting overall communications costs by a massive 78%.


Cloud Contact Centre across Dublin, Barcelona and Bangalore with heavy call volume.

L-EV8 Marketing is a pioneering brand loyalty expert providing EMEA marketing solutions to companies such as Ryanair. Their solutions are proven to consistently result in increased customer loyalty, higher brand value recognition and revenue growth. L-EV8 Marketing runs a global contact centre across three sites; Dublin, Barcelona and Bangalore. They interact with about 20,000 people each month. L-EV8 had been using a contact centre solution from Allnone and had separate telco agreements in Dublin, Barcelona and Bangalore.


Streamline and strengthen the operation, improve services, reduce call costs.

  • Reduce call costs.
  • More intelligent call routing.
  • Move to a more agile, scalable cloud contact centre platform.
  • More self-service options, automate, provide some 24/7 services.
  • Increase system intelligence so that staff can be diverted to higher margin work.

Monthly call costs reduced by more than 50%


One integrated, intelligent, cloud contact centre solution to deliver on all L-EV8’s needs.

Solgari’s deployment team and Brian Minto, L-EV8 Marketing’s Contact Centre manager, planned, configured and deployed a cloud contact centre solution that delivered on all L-EV8’s goals.

  • A simple, integrated, global cloud contact centre solution to provide all telephony and contact centre needs, including cloud IVR and call archiving.
  • Seamless deployment, no interruptions for L-EV8.
  • 24/7 self-service capability added across the operation, enabling staff to focus on new growth opportunities.
  • Implemented intelligent call routing depending on call origination and language requirement.
  • Customised Solgari’s cloud contact centre reporting solution to provide L-EV8 real time performance data reporting specific to their needs.
  • Integrated Solgari cloud contact centre software with L-EV8’s Citrix Desktop platform to further improve customer service capability.
  • Providing automated disaster recovery; full functionality always live in the cloud.


Higher contact centre performance. 22% of the cost.

Strengthened L-EV8’s capabilities while cutting overall communications costs by a massive 78%.

pie chart
  • Technology doing more of the work.
  • Improved customer services.
  • More intelligent call handling.
  • An agile cloud telephony platform that has opened further possibilities.
  • A new competitive edge for L-EV8.

Zero capital costs, lower operational costs.

  • No further requirement for on premise telephone hardware and software such as PBX, call conferencing, call archiving and IVR solutions.
  • No further requirement for line rental, PRA and ISDNs.
  • No requirement for a physical disaster recovery solution.
  • Removed 3rd party maintenance & support contracts.
  • Removed need for internal telecoms administration; fully outsourced to Solgari.

Massively reduced call costs.

pie chart 50
  • Solgari wholesale cloud contact centre call rates reduced L-EV8’s monthly call costs by more than 50%.
  • Massively reduced the cost of local toll free numbers used worldwide.
  • Reduced international mobile call costs by enabling Solgari cloud contact centre solutions on all devices.

In any given month we communicate with more than 20,000 people. Now, thanks to Solgari, we do that more intelligently and more efficiently than before, and, amazingly, at a fraction of the cost. Solgari are a key partner for us. We continue to benefit from the intelligence and power of their cloud contact centre solution. We’re now also examining innovations we simply couldn’t have considered before.

- Brian Minto, Contact Centre Manager, L-EV8 Marketing

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