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Solgari's cloud business communications platform brings new ways to add value for your clients and existing partners, whilst increasing your own revenue.

Who should partner with Solgari?

Solgari is seeking select global partners with aggressive cloud services ambitions. Partners who are looking to provide a cutting-edge SaaS solution to a global customer base.

The Solgari Global Referral Programme offers a suite of benefits to enable business growth, from industry expertise and tools, to support in helping to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

We offer a straightforward referral model and recurring subscription revenue share.

Microsoft Dynamics
365 Partners

You know the power of MS Dynamics 365 and you know few of your clients are harnessing its full potential. By fully integrating our revolutionary cloud business communications platform with MS Dynamics 365, your clients can access a whole new level of functionality and control over their marketing & sales campaigns, generate significantly better results and cut their legacy technology costs.

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Are your customers increasingly looking for global cloud communication services? By partnering with Solgari, you get access to all the business communication services your clients need on one single cloud telephony platform; from Cloud Telephony, Collaboration, IVR and Compliance, to the most advanced Contact Centre functionality, allowing you to build stronger customer relationships while being rewarded with the Solgari revenue share model.

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Telco & Technology

Legacy telephony providers have their own set of challenges which cloud technology can quickly and comprehensively address. Solgari has developed the software features and functionalities to complement existing telco networks: integrated collaboration services, advanced Contact Centre capabilities, call logging and archiving for example. Partner with Solgari to expand your offering, increase revenue and satisfy your customers’ and partners’ growing needs.

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Why partner with Solgari?

Solgari have developed the world's first complete cloud business communications software platform, cutting out the complexity and cost of managing multiple hardware, software and carrier solutions for businesses.

By partnering with Solgari, you get access to a fully integrated business communications software platform and ongoing referral fees for every new customer you on-board.

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Happier customers and a new revenue stream.

Enjoy a hassle free, ongoing revenue stream from referrals we convert. Generate cost
savings for your clients, deepen your relationships and wield an extra competitive edge
when pitching for new business.

Increase your company
revenue through our
ongoing referral fee.
Achieve on average
50% quicker client
response times.
40% cost savings
on average
for your customers.

Our Partners

Solgari's technology, telco and managed services partners stretch across the world, supporting more than 100,000 users globally.

Microsoft Dynamics
365 Partners


Hitachi Solutions

Germany, Austria, Switzerland


New Zealand


HK, Singapore Australia and NZ

SMS Technologies & Services

South Africa



HK, Singapore India, Japan Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines

SP Sysnet

HK, Singapore, Japan

Principal One

Telco & Technology


Atlantic Tele Network International (ATN International)

UK, Germany,




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Find out how partnering with Solgari can increase your revenue and customer satisfaction.
Drop Dan an email at or call:
+353 1 246 1130 ext 311 (EMEA)
+44 808 238 9584 ext 311 (UK)
+1 855 304 0022 ext 311 (USA)
+61 2 8070 2110 ext 311 (Asia Pacific)
+49 69 222 222 514 ext 311 (Germany)
+27 105 009 177 ext 311 (South Africa)

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We've been doing some really interesting work with Solgari recently. We are very impressed with their cloud based contact centre and its strong integration with Microsoft CRM.

- Stuart Cassie, Business Development Director,
Hitachi Solutions Europe, Global MS Dynamics Partner of the Year

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