How Fintech Leaders Are Using the Cloud to Achieve Compliance

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As the market for fintech continues to develop, progressive companies are proactively meeting regulatory compliance by making the move to the cloud.

In the aftermath of the 2008 economic crisis, financial services regulators introduced a number of new measures to safeguard both the integrity and security of the financial system. A key component was much stricter communications compliance regulations, including several directives to improve communications and increase transparency in order to mitigate future risk.

While previously hesitant to engage with cloud communications platforms due to misconceptions about security, recent recognition from regulatory agencies of the value of cloud services in meeting compliance requirements is causing leading fintech companies to take another look at cloud telephony solutions.

“There are no reasons why cloud technology should not be implemented should appropriate safeguards be in place”.

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), November 2015

Discover the cloud-based solutions that are enabling global fintech organisations to meet today’s demanding FCA, MiFID, Central Bank, SEC and PCI DSS compliance requirements, at minimal cost.

FINSA’s trading platform is available to brokers in multiple countries worldwide and serviced through offices in London and Sydney. We have a number of communication requirements, including being able to archive all calls to meet FCA compliance. Finally, we are now able to access all these services on a single cloud software platform.

Paul Bateman, Head of IT, FINSA