Aztec Exchange

Financial Services

Solution required:
Cloud Telephony, Cloud Contact Centre, Cloud Call Archiving

Integrated & fully compliant global communications, with reduced costs.

Removed the headache and cost of multiple, disjointed telecom and communications solutions across all offices. Now one platform provides all contact centre, telephony, call archiving and compliance needs.


A leading payment company dedicated to streamlining global supplier finance.

Aztec Exchange is a global supplier of invoice finance products and services. Their technology and global institutional investor capital pool enables Aztec Exchange, through their PayMe solution, to offer early payment that’s reliable, cost effective and easy to use via an “own brand” cloud-based interface.


Consolidate all growing global communication requirements on a single platform.

With offices in Dublin, Singapore, Los Angeles and Miami and staff travelling around the globe, Aztec Exchange faced considerable challenges with scaling and supporting different telephony and carrier solutions in each location. For a fast-growing financial services business, addressing all global requirements through a cloud software solution, seemed to be the most suitable solution.

Ensure all future communication and compliance demands can be addressed.

Experiencing rapidly growing demand for innovative trade finance solutions from key emerging markets, Aztec Exchange saw the need for additional communication requirements such as a flexible, modular Contact Centre to manage all inbound and outbound communications. Increasing local regulations may lead to the recording and encrypting of calls as a requirement, so Aztec Exchange wanted a solution which could future proof all telephony, contact centre and compliance regulation requirements.

Overall telecoms costs massively reduced


One integrated, intelligent cloud telephony & contact centre solution to deliver on all Aztec Exchange’s needs

Aztec Exchange moved all their business communications to Solgari’s integrated cloud platform, allowing all telephony, contact centre, collaboration and compliance requirements to be addressed globally through a single software solution. No longer reliant on multiple telephony, hardware and carrier providers, Aztec Exchange can now provide all staff with instant communications with the freedom to create specific business communication solutions to meet growing customer demand.

  • Global Cloud Telephony – Replaced on-premise Avaya solutions and moved away from multiple carriers for emerging market local number requirements, Aztec Exchange now has all employees, whether office-based or travelling, using a single cloud solution. Office staff use IP Desk Phones, while sales staff and management use mobile apps to access their extensions and all the features of the services.
  • Cloud Contact Centre – Growing inbound customer communication volumes from Latin America led Aztec Exchange to set up contact centres in Miami and Dublin. A Cloud Contact Centre solution was provided by Solgari, alongside the Cloud Telephony & Collaboration services already being used. Customers call in via local numbers provided by Solgari for Chile and Mexico and the contact centre solution ensures that all calls are dealt with by available agents, at the same time providing all call reporting and recording. The contact centre can quickly move to multi-channel by using video and messaging through Solgari’s WebRTC collaboration module, Solgari Connect.
  • Future Proofing Compliance Needs – As compliance and regulation requirements continue to impact the financial services industry post the global credit crunch, Aztec Exchange is now in a position where all calls can be archived if required and can be searched and retrieved at any time. This cloud call archiving capability meets the regulatory requirements of most global standards including FCA, MiFID II and SEC.


Costs reduced thanks to zero capital requirements, lower operational fees and cheaper calls.

reduced call costs
  • Aztec Exchange was able to cut out investment in multiple complex, costly, disjointed on-premise telephony solutions across all offices. There is no longer a requirement for different PBX, contact centre and carriers per country. Now all Cloud Telephony, Cloud Contact Centre, Cloud Call Archiving and Telco requirements are delivered via one integrated solution.


  • No further CAPEX, maintenance or support costs around business communications. The Solgari cloud platform is a fully managed and supported solution.

0% capital costs
  • There are far lower office call costs and even reduced mobile call charges. There are no costs for extension to extension calls regardless of where the users are.  One single communications platform now provides all calls, on all devices across all locations at platinum wholesale call rates.

As a global financial services business, we operate in many regions globally, particularly in emerging markets where our trade finance exchange platform solution is heavily in demand. We require a communication solution that provides us with the same service anywhere, including across mobile devices. Solgari’s cloud telephony solution achieved all of this, removing the need to use different solutions in each location. This is exactly what we were looking for and it’s an impressive outcome.

- Bhairav Patel, CTO, Aztec Exchange