You've purchased Microsoft Dynamics;
but do you have the engine to drive it?

The impact of a worldwide on-demand Cloud CRM & Contact Centre solution on businesses with heavy
customer interaction can be transformative - both in terms of productivity and cost savings.

In response to growing demand from both Microsoft Dynamics online and on-premise users, the Solgari Cloud Contact Centre & Call Archiving service can now be fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and already, is being used by sales and support teams globally. Solgari is the only cloud business communications vendor that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics and combines the entire telephony, contact centre and carrier capability in the cloud.

Transform your ability to reach and engage new prospects

Use Solgari’s Cloud Contact Centre integrated with Dynamics, to make it easier for the sales and marketing teams to run outbound marketing campaigns by capturing the right data and responding quickly to engagement from prospects.

Useful features to execute quicker and smarter sales and marketing campaigns:

Click to dial

Click to dial functionality enables a sales team to automatically dial phone numbers from prospect and customer details stored in Dynamics.

Call logging and archiving

Call logging and archiving enables efficient tracking of employee call performance and the ability to track customer feedback.

Accurate Contact Centre Reporting

Accurate Contact Centre Reporting on calls made, call times and success rates through Solgari’s administration portal.

Caller ID lookup & Screen Pop Up

Solgari’s platform enables ‘caller ID lookup’, intelligently routing a call from a marketing campaign in Dynamics to the correct agent, with the details of the person calling appearing instantly via a screen pop-up if the relevant data is stored in Dynamics.


The Solgari solution allows a company to archive calls if required for compliance (FCA) and training purposes and can cross into PCI DSS requirements if credit card details are being collected.

No investment in telephony systems required.

Solgari adopts exactly the same subscription based model as Microsoft Dynamics:
Access all communication requirements from 1 vendor.

Achieve on average
50% quicker client
response times.
40% cost savings compared
to legacy Telephony &
Contact Centre systems.

Want Microsoft Dynamics to work harder for you?

Do you want your sales and marketing campaigns to deliver more effective results with less resources deployed? Find out how integrating Microsoft Dynamics with the Solgari platform can better the sales and marketing performance of your company.

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Drive customer response times, productivity and cut out significant telephony costs

We integrated our Cloud Contact Centre solution with Microsoft Dynamics as part of our strategy to create huge value alongside CRM, ERP and other core SaaS applications. We noted the growth in Microsoft Dynamics, particularly the online service, amongst some of our existing customers and from global demand. This solution is designed to offer unique opportunities to companies who wish to drive customer response times, productivity and cut out significant telephony costs.

- Vance Harris, CTO at Solgari