Empower your Business with Cloud Telephony, Web Meeting & Compliance Services.

Global Reach, Unlimited Scalability, Compliant & Omni-Channel Communications

Transform your communications and avoid legacy technology costs

Solgari is the global provider of Cloud Telephony, Web Meeting, Cloud Contact Centre, IVR, Voice Verification and Compliant Recording & Archiving services through an integrated cloud software platform.

Our Cloud Business Communications service offering - includes telephony, video, chat, SMS & local numbers - is used by customers worldwide through any device, across all offices and locations. As a licensed telco, we access wholesale international call rates and pass these lower costs on to our Cloud Business Communications customers, typically saving up to 80% on call rates alone.


Solgari’s Cloud Business Communications service removes the need for multi-site businesses to have multiple vendors and carriers, by placing all users on a global cloud software platform. Because our Cloud Business Communications service is software based, removing or adding features and users is as easy as pressing a button. No more hardware headaches and costly installation & support fees.

Your business will immediately move from a CAPEX to an OPEX cost model, avoiding investment in telephony hardware and software as well as maintenance, line rental, PRA and ISDN costs. Significantly reduce mobile call costs too by eliminating all roaming & international charges with Solgari's Cloud Business Communications service.

Reduced complexity by avoiding multiple systems and carriers

Enterprise class reliability and scalability

All calls, video, chat & SMS across all devices. Desk phone, soft phone & mobile

Freedom. Only use what you need, when you need it

Add Cloud Contact Centre, Compliance, IVR, Voice Verification as needed

Crystal Clear Tier 1 Voice Quality

Savings of up to 80%

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As a business, we operate in many regions globally, particularly in emerging markets where our trade finance platform solution is heavily in demand. We require a communication solution that provides us with the same service anywhere including across mobile devices. Solgari’s Cloud Business Communications solution achieved all of this, removing the need to use different solutions in each location. This is exactly what we were looking for and it’s an impressive outcome.

Bhairav Patel, CTO, Aztec Exchange

Selected Features

Solgari’s Cloud Business Communications service provides every enterprise class feature your users require, from London to Tokyo and anywhere in-between. Because it is software based, Solgari's solution can be designed to deliver exactly what you need, allowing unprecedented levels of intelligence and flexibility. Pick and choose new services and add new users, as and when required. Solgari's Cloud Business Communications service offers Cloud Telephony, Web Meeting, Chat & SMS as well as local numbers where required. The service features include:

  • Digital Receptionist
  • Hunt Groups
  • Presence
  • Instant Messaging
  • Website Chat & Handling of 3rd Party Chat such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger
  • Ad Hoc Call Recording
  • Voicemail
  • Call Conferencing
  • Solgari Communicator Soft Phone & Mobile App
  • Solgari Connect WebRTC application
  • Solgari WebMeeting WebRTC application
  • Local Numbers Anywhere
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Solgari’s Cloud Telephony solution provides us with a single, integrated communications system across all our offices, enabling us to handle and direct customer calls far better while removing over 40% of our telephony costs. This Cloud Telephony software has been a game changer for us.

Barry Finnegan, Director, Sheehy Residential Lettings

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